Should You REALLY Be Carrying Those Big Condoms?

As men we have the element of surprise in our favor when it comes to what type of ‘Man Meat’ we’re packing down there. One of the best ways to say something about it without saying anything is to be caught carrying big condoms. Now, there are many types of ways people have come up with to figure out whether a man has a large penis such as how he walks or the print in his pants. But, can any of this truly determine if he should REALLY be carrying big condoms?

When I speak about big condoms, I am referring to the oversized condoms that are altered to fit an extra-large man’s penis. The average dimensions of a standard condom are around 7 in long and around 2 inches in diameter. This means, a penis of average 6 in length or slightly larger size should be able to fit in a regular condom. Although, there are many condom manufacturers out there that make their standard condoms in varying sizes, it’s unanimous that the big condoms are clearly for the extra-large man. These types of contraceptives are made to accommodate men with longer penises and more girth men, respectively. The most popular condom that you see most ego-maniacs walking around are the Magnum and Magnum Extra Large by Trojan. These gold wrappers have been known to raise eyebrows immediately once revealed. These have become a staple of those that supposedly have a large penis and know it. But, really, should all of these guys be carrying those big condoms?

Wearing big condoms undeservingly can cause discomfort for your partner and increase your chances of 安全套價錢 getting a woman pregnant. You heard right. When you penetrate your partner with a loose condom they can feel it pushing and pulling alongside your penis during sex. Sounds uncomfortable, right? And you can bet your partner will include that detail in a story that gets explained to a friend. Seeing as the purpose of wearing a condom is to prevent disease and pregnancy, you actually increase the chances of both by undeservingly wearing big condoms. The chances of you ripping the condom is drastically increased if you’re not and extra-large man wearing that big condom. In addition to this possibility, you also drastically increase the chance of getting your female partner pregnant by having so much room for the sperm to run right down your penis onto the lips of her vagina and potentially impregnating her after ejaculation. Bottom line, it’s not worth it to wear a condom that doesn’t fit.

Carrying big condoms does have its advantages for you whether you can fit it or not. As I stated before, once you have been spotted with a Magnum Extra Large, or other large condom, you will create an element of mystery and fantasy of what you could feel like during intercourse. This will quickly increase your chances of having sex with any partner that has interest in the sensation of being penetrated by a penis of larger size. Hilariously, even when you go to store to pick the condoms up in the store, the employees and other patrons of the store will all have raised eyebrows which could work in your favor. Although there are those who don’t prefer to have a penis of larger size, most do. By law of averages, you’re very likely to encounter at least one person that will be curious about your package solely based on your big condom purchas

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