Nigeria Wholesale Market – Increased Demand For Brand Name Clothing

Nigeria is an African country with a growing middle and upper class.
The spending power of consumers in Nigeria has been growing along with the expanding

Increased government regulations, the rising price of oil, communication advancements, and travel options, have all led towards a growing market for brand name products in Nigeria.

American brands especially enjoy an increase in popularity, and consumers in Nigeria are willing to spend a good deal of money to acquire them.

Brands such as Polo, Nautica, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Levi’s, Nike,
and Adidas are in heavy demand. Jeans, dress shirts, dresses, and high end women’s suits
are sought after by eager customers. Consumers appreciate the high quality that the brands stand for, and led flood light china are educated regarding the value of the products.

Wholesalers selling to Nigeria have traditionally exported used clothing. Used
clothing was a prime product since it was geared towards customers in a third world country where the per capita income was extremely low.

Now that the spending power of the average Nigerian is rising, wholesalers are focusing on brand new merchandise.

Since the cost of shipping is still an issue, bulky items such as electronics and furniture can be difficult to export in a cost effective basis.

On the other hand, due to the light weight nature of clothing, wholesalers have a much
easier time exporting, and making money on clothing.

Since China has been flooding the market with cheap generic clothing, the best approach is to focus on brand names.

The more popular the brand, and the higher the quality of the item, the more it will stand out from the generic clothing being sold by the Chinese wholesalers.

The Nigerian economy is booming, and so is the demand for brand name clothing by its consumers.

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