4 Extra Sharp Web Marketing Tips – How to Blog For Independent Insurance Brokers

You’ve heard you need a blog to add content to your website, but when article writing isn’t part of your job description it may seem like a huge hurdle. Answering these four questions will get you started on a strategy for your agency’s successful blogging.

Who Reads Your Blog If you’re working on the myth that Twitter is for kids and only old folks need insurance, you’re missing out on the next generation of marketing and your next generation of clients! Insurance is no longer the domain of brown-suit underwriters. Quotes online changed the face of insurance long ago and national insurance carriers’ launching smart phone apps makes it clear that this isn’t your grandpa’s insurance market anymore!

Knowing your audience is key for any marketing strategy and it’s true for blogging too http://oursminiworld.com/ . Your ideal blog readers are people who have a new risk which they must insure and those who are underinsured for their current risks.

What Do You Blog About? When you have a specific market in mind, that makes blog topics choices more obvious: recent college grads, new homeowners, business owners, new insurance trends like technology businesses, alternative-fuel businesses, or risk trends in your geographic area (like earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding). Your blog is the place to discuss news events and what type of insurance is available for that risk, home values and how they skew on insured value, etc. Sharing your knowledge instills confidence that you are a trusted expert.

How Do I Connect to My Community? Write about local topics to demonstrate that you are informed about risks that specifically interest for and potential to affect your customers. You are probably already staying abreast of news and developments in your field; think about breaking them into brief, easily digestible blog articles. National news stories are also blog-worthy and a way to alert customers to how they will be affected at a local level.

A blog is also where you can announce new products and events that reflect your community interest. For example, if you sponsor a Little League team, you can tout their wins. Or, if you are a Kiwanis or Rotary member, you can support them by announcing events and showing your agency’s involvement.

How Do I Find People to Subscribe to My Blog? It’s important to integrate your blog into your marketing efforts. If you attend a BNI group, announce or remind members that you blog. Put your blog name on your business cards and sales receipts. As you are handing out your card or sliding an information insert into a folder, remind people you have a blog and what kind of news they’ll get by following you. Are you asking new businesses for their email address? You should! A friendly email reminder to subscribe to your blog will motivate new readers.

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