GoDaddy – Web Hosting Review

Talk about website hosting reviews, I roam around webpage, consulted several customers and came up with information that may help you or any other interested website builders decide if this hosting company is a perfect fit or not. is one of the world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting provider, servicing over 45 million domain names to date. Aside from hosting, it also sells e-business related software and services.

GoDaddy offers a huge variety of hosting features and services. In this website hosting review, I only considered their one-year packages GoDaddy . The basic shared hosting plan they call Economy comes with 100GB of storage, a single domain and 100 emails at a decent price of $3.99 monthly. This plan is ideal for those who do not need a lot of disc-space. On the other hand, the Deluxe plan provides unlimited disc-space, unlimited domain and 500 email addresses with a few more bucks on each month.

A dedicated SSL certificate for secured online payments is included in GoDaddy’s Ultimate plan, together with unlimited disc-space, unlimited domain and unlimited email addresses all at less than $8 per month. This is best for those carrying a large business and who have huge and heavier website files. All three plans I’ve mentioned support unlimited bandwidth and a vast number of FTP and MySQL databases. Each hosting solution offers a superb value, the smart decision is to grab which one suits the size and needs of your business or situation.

Website building tools and templates come free with your paid hosting. With upgraded website builder, GoDaddy offers new, fresh and stunning website design templates. Installing scripts such as WordPress,

Drupal, Joomla and Zen Cart is made completely user-friendly that you can customise your site however you want to. They also run dedicated WordPress servers for optimal user experience. Deluxe and Ultimate plans showcase mobile-friendly capable websites – this is great especially that people now are more on-the-go and browse the internet in their phones often!

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