How You Can Tell If You’ve Found a Good Deposit Bonus

Virtually every online casino presents players a welcome bonus offer that encourages these individuals to join and play for real money. Nonetheless, some tend to be better than others, although they may seem the same on the surface. There are many different items to look at to determine if you have a good online casino deposit bonus. The structure you may generally see advertised is “100% deposit bonus up to $100”. What this means is that they’ll match your deposit dollar for dollar up to $100 (of course, these amounts may differ, this is just an example). You may notice these percentages and dollar amounts advertised, the larger numbers can catch your eye, however, you will want to look at additional factors to seriously determine whether you’ve found a great deposit bonus; it’s more than just just those basic numbers.

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When you only consider the offered numbers, you might not obtain the best bonus available, or the right one for ones playing habits. There are stipulations attached to any deposit bonus and also you must look at the fine print in order to get an idea if an added bonus is worthwhile allbet casino . With all the stipulations of a bonus, there are wagering requirements. These require players to wager a certain amount before they’re in a position to request a withdrawal. They’re in place to ensure that players can’t just take a casino’s bonus money without ever actually making a bet in the online casino. Generally, you will notice the wagering specifications recorded as “20x wagering requirements” or “20x playthrough requirements”. What this signifies with this particular example, is that you simply have to bet 20x the whole deposit and bonus amount before they will allow you to withdraw any cash or winnings from your casino account. Essentially, with this example, it indicates when your initial deposit was $100 therefore you received a bonus of $100, you’ll need to wager $200 x20 and place bets that total $4,000. The playthrough requirements can vary with each bonus, and often, those that have larger deposit matching percentages or highest bonus amounts may have higher wagering requirements. Consequently in the long run, the higher bonus amount isn’t as beneficial since you must make a lot more bets.

Another thing to examine inside the conditions and terms is which games you can participate in in order to meet the wagering requirements. Typically, the wagering requirements restrict you to the slot games, but some will allow you to play differing kinds too. Take a look at this information, because if you’re a blackjack player and you’re only enthusiastic about playing that, a slot welcome bonus will not be a good bonus. These details are also in the online casino’s small print, so take a close look to make sure that you’ve identified one that is right for you!

You have probably heard of Roulette Sniper, it has been around for a while and it is one of the programs I bought in one of my many gullible and desperate times. The software is designed to be used in online casinos. The roulette sniper software does not work. Online casinos use software that gives them a huge advantage and there is no way to gain an edge.

So now there is Blackjack Sniper. This software is from the same guy and has apparently been in development for the past 2 years. The software sells for $39.95 (usually $149.99 yeah right!), but someone sent me an “invitation” to buy it for $21. I decided to give it a try, knowing I could request a refund when it didn’t work.

I hate to crush your hopes, but Blackjack Sniper is basically just like a blackjack calculator that you can download for free from a number of places. Unless you have never played blackjack before, it will be of no use to you.

The sales page says that the software works using perfect blackjack strategy, combined with card counting and various other techniques. All you have to do is select options and how much you want to bet and enter the cards you are dealt and it will tell you what to do. You can choose to bet progressively or not and it will adjust your wager accordingly.

I used the software in practice play, as I do not intend losing money in an online casino. Whilst progressive betting with a basic $2 wager, the software advised me to bet over $200 at once to make just $2 profit. Thank God I was in practice mode as I lost that bet. Without progressive betting it still had me betting huge amounts when the adjust wager button was checked. When I kept the wager the same (no automatic adjustment) I still lost over $100. I tried it at 3 different casinos and the results were always the same. Even when I won and got ahead I soon lost it all. Here is why it does not work:

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