Email Security Is Increasingly Important As Cyber Criminals Use Email For Spam

Electronic mail is simply a means of sending messages between individuals using electronic means. It has been limited to relatively short distances for decades, except for faxes Email1and1 . However, email came limited use from the early 1960s onwards, when email was only used by large organizations. Later, some systems even supported a kind of instant messaging, whereby sender and recipient had to be on the same computer at the time of transmission. The advent of mobile phones and handheld computers also opened the door to mobile email.

These days, emails can be transmitted digitally everywhere, including the internet. This has opened the door for several new security risks, such as’spam’ (the misuse of electronic identities), email spoofing and security bypassing. In this article we take a look at email spoofing and its effects, and how to protect your network from these potential threats.

Spoofing is the name given to the act of generating an email address that looks similar to legitimate service providers. This enables users to send confidential or sensitive information to these service providers, while avoiding the risk of getting caught in the crossfire. For instance, you may be a lawyer or other professional dealing with matters of clients confidential, and you send out a number of emails to your contact list on a regular basis, to address small issues. When one of your contacts checks the mail, he gets a message purporting to be from a law firm which is related to that case.

Email spoofing has got a huge over-rusting in recent years. Many spam gangs use email marketing to their advantage. They send out junk emails to millions of subscribers, tricking them into clicking on a link which infects the computer with malicious software. However, using spoofed electronic mail addresses can enable users to avoid getting into this trap and save themselves from harm’s way.

Spoofing is a great tool for people who want to make online relationships, buy expensive products, get bank accounts, open up savings and other sensitive information. However, it is not free. The person who generates the bogus email address has to pay for it. It enables users to create fake electronic mail ids which look and act exactly like the genuine ones. In the case of email marketing, spoofing allows the companies sending out emails to millions of subscribers to achieve bulk exposure by using the same id. As for spear-phishing, the name itself defines what it is – a means to attack systems without authentic credentials.

With the rise of ID theft, the need for email security has become more important. If you want to ensure the safety of your email account and sensitive information, the best option is to use email encryption solutions. These solutions are built in such a way that they are virtually impossible for anyone to read. They are also easy to install and customize, so companies can use different configurations depending on their preferences. A good solution will include automatic email monitoring and the ability to set up passwords and other security features.

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