Get Blog Traffic With These Two Killer Tips – Easy Targeted Traffic

Everyone wants to get blog traffic, especially new blogs. And everyone that’s been blogging for a while will tell you how to get blog traffic. What they mean to say is how they get visitors to their blog.

Not all of the traffic getting tactics out there will work for everyone. It depends on how much content is on your blog and how that content is optimized. It also depends on your internal linking strategy.

For example, if you write a blog post about baby chickens and you have other articles on your blog related to baby chickens you should link those pages together. At the end of each article create an h2 tag with the following text: Additional Information on Baby Chickens. Then under that subheading you list your other pages related to baby chickens. Google will pick up on that and you will be on Google’s first page for the keywords baby chickens because you have a lot of content related to that.

I’ve researched this and I do it on my blog where I have several articles that get blog traffic just by being on the first page of the search results. It’s a simple SEO trick.

That’s one way to get blog traffic, here’s another one. Use Google Alerts to let you know when someone writes anything about baby chickens. When those articles and news stories hit the Internet Google will send you an email. When you receive the email it will contain links to the articles and news stories about baby chickens. Click on the first link in your email. When you land on the page immediately scroll down to see if you can leave a comment and a link.

Not all comment boxes allow links. Don’t waste your time if they don’t allow you to leave a link, just move on to an article with a comment box that will allow you to do it. Remember the goal is to drop a link on a relevant site to get blog traffic. People will click on that link and come to your blog. This strategy isn’t spamming. Please don’t do that, you’ll just irritate people. What I do is I read the article and I leave an intelligent comment with a link back to one of my articles.

Make your comment interesting and when you drop your link say, I just posted… This works, trust me. Two days ago I was able to get about 40 people to a blog post I’d written that I wanted to get traffic to quickly. I forgot to mention to also look for a blog that has a lot of people commenting on it.

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