The Energy Efficient Green Home

Nowadays, we listen and read a lot about the new phenomenal terms like green building, renewable energy and energy conservation. All of these things are catching the headlines of the newspapers and television. It is good that nowadays people are becoming conscious about saving energy and green homes are the hot deal in the real estate market. There are a lot of people out there who are looking for a green home as their second house. Also a number of people want to convert their existing house into a green home. But still, green homes are not the primary choice of the first time young home owners.

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A green home is designed with its interiors and exteriors in such a way so that it will become energy efficient and make use of more and more natural energy resources instead of conventional energy. A green home is not only helpful in terms of saving the environment, but it will also save your water and electricity bills wholesale hotel furniture . There are a lot of ways by which you can design your green home in such a way so that you can save the energy or use energy in a very efficient way like choosing the paint of your house depending upon the climate situation and doing a lot of tree plantations around your house so that your house be cool in tropical weather condition. Plantation of the trees around the house is having dual benefits, i.e. beautification and pleasant environment around the house. These methods may reduce the need of air cooler or air conditioner and thus save electricity and money.

Generally, a greenhouse is made up of sustainable materials. Sustainable materials carry eco-friendly features like all organic components thus safer for the environment. Mostly, these organic materials are manufactured locally. It is a profitable job for the manufacturers to manufacture these eco-friendly organic materials and sustainable eco-friendly materials are easily accessible in every middle sized town or city. A green home should be surrounded with the flowers, trees, shrubs and the other pitiful natural things in order to increase the beauty of the house. The main beauty of the green home resides in its landscape only.

A house which makes use of the compost pit is also called as green home. The compost pit is nothing but a type of waste management system, which is in use in the most of the homes in recent days. In this compost pit, all the garbage is collected and then segregated according to their type. The biodegradable garbage waste is recollected and dumped into the soil and with the help of certain chemical mixture this waste garbage turned into useful fertilizer thus making the soil healthy.

Global warming – this is something all of us are hearing quite a lot. It kinds of creates a consciousness within ourselves about our future. So, what is global warming? It can be termed as the rise in atmospheric temperature of our earth, due to many reasons. Deforestation, burning of fossil fuels etc can result in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which when increased results in the rise in atmospheric temperature.

Global warming is increasing and affecting us in many ways. We are completely dependent on fuels and machines in many aspects of our life. From the gas we use for cooking to the vehicle in which we travel, all uses some kind of natural resources which will get depleted with constant use and also release some gases which are harmful for our earth.

Global warming causes damage to every living thing on earth. Here are some of the effects of global warming which we must know.

1. Affects health of humans and animals alike. Depletion of the ozone layer can cause respiratory and skin problems.

2. Agriculture may get affected due to the rise in the temperature and increased carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere.

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