The Best Bait For Catfish And Other Catfishing Tips

There is an abundance of baits to use for catfish. Go to any tackle store or discount “mart” and the shelves are stocked with the latest and greatest manufactured concoctions. Should you try them? Absolutely! Bait manufacturers spend great amounts of money and time perfecting their products. And they work very well. But are these products the best bait for catfish?

They could be at certain times and under certain conditions. Do not go on a catfishing trip without them. Because you may not be able to obtain the best bait for catfish What Does Gamey Taste Like? Does Gamey Taste Good. Because you may not be able to catch it or purchase it at your favorite fishing hole. Because the best catfishing bait is live bait.

Think about it for a moment. Catfish have been on earth for millions of years. They have adapted well to their environments. They eat what they can find. Smaller fish, worms and craws are examples. Sometimes it could even be frogs or birds. Whatever they can catch to survive on.

The good thing about catfish is the fact that they have a very good sense of smell. And they will eat things that other creatures will not. They are scavengers and can survive on dead or decaying animals. Things that do not smell too good to other fish. This is one reason that manufactured baits work well. Because they are created with rather stinky materials.

Nevertheless, back to live bait. Catfish like humans prefer live fresh bait. Would you rather eat a burger or steak fresh off the grill or a cold leftover? If you can catch or purchase live bait and if it is permitted in the waters you are fishing, you should try it first. Most tackle stores near fisheries carry some type of live bait.

One issue with using live bait is you may catch other species besides catfish. Bass and stripers will eat live minnows and bass will eat worms. Is this a major problem? Not if you enjoy catching fish!

If you want to target catfish exclusively, one solution is to kill the minnows by slitting them down the sides with a knife. The offering will still be fresh enough for catfish and slitting will add some smell. Additionally, the bass and stripers will be less inclined to eat a dead bait. Balling up a number of worms on the hook will discourage the bass and encourage the cats.

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