Easy Ways Not to Get Scrooged During the Holidays

Christmas lights are twinkling around you, carolers are singing sweet Christmas carols and the eggnog is flowing like wine. But all you can think of is the Christmas lights are tacky, the singing is off key, and you don’t even really like eggnog. It seems like you’ve gotten yourself all stressed out about the holidays, aka Scrooged. Maybe it’s because it’s a week before the holiday, and you still are only half done with your gift shopping. Or maybe it’s because you are holding your own holiday party, and you have yet to figure out the guest list, or what you will be serving as food.

Or maybe it’s because you have agreed to go to your family’s home out of state for the holiday, and you have yet to pack, or even thinking about packing, and you are a going for a week, and it’s across the country in a totally different climate than where you live, so you have to find all those clothes that you packed away for the year……and so on. Now, before you go the way of Ebenezer on your family and start walking around hunched over like you’re dragging a ball and chain behind you, take heed December Global Holidays . You will be visited by three ghosts before this article is over. The three ghosts are The Ghost of Christmas Shopping, the Ghost of Christmas Parties and The Ghost of Christmas Travel. So read on to save yourself from a fate of a stressful holiday!

Ghost of Christmas Shopping- Gift shopping during the holidays is always stressful. You want to get everyone the perfect gift, but you don’t want to break the bank. Plan your gift budget ahead of the holidays, and make a list of the gifts that you want to buy each person. This way, you will be less tempted to purchase those impulsive gifts that end up costing you more than you planned. Another good tip for holiday shopping is shopping online.

With online shopping, you won’t have to battle the swarms of people at the mall. With a few clicks of a button, you can have your whole Christmas shopping done without having to fight with the mall crowds. Just make sure when you do shop online to check what the shipping turnaround time is, so that you receive your order in time for the holidays, and also in case there is something wrong with the order, you can rectify it. Another good tip for if you are buying for co-workers, or people that you know professionally, is buying packages of candles or body lotions , then wrapping them individually for several easy presents!

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