Zelli Shoes – Choosing Just the Right Men’s Dress Shoes

Choosing the right pair of dress shoes is an essential part of completing a man’s overall look and Zelli shoes are a great place to start. There are several factors involved in choosing footwear that we should discuss. These factors determine what footwear is appropriate for a particular man’s taste and needs. They include construction, functionality, and comfort W√≥lka Kosowska hurtownia . If an individual can find a pair of shoes that satisfies each of these elemental needs they are likely to have found a shoe that they can wear for many years to come.

When it comes to the construction of a shoe there are many variations available. The first consideration is how it is actually built or stitched. We will cover two of the most popular stitch techniques, the Blake stitch and the welt.

The Blake stitch construction involves attaching the upper and insole of the shoe to the last without the use of a ‘welt’, and then gluing the sole on. The final step of the process is to create a single row stitch using a machine to attach the insole, upper, and sole. On Blake stitched shoes you will notice the soles are cut much tighter to the shoe itself because no stitching is required on the edge of the sole. Overall it makes for a lighter shoe versus one that is welted, but it is a shoe that is not nearly as durable or resistant to elements such as water.

Welted shoes are those that have a strip of leather, also known as the welt, which is stitched to the insole of the shoe and the upper. The fact that the insole and upper are stitched together and not glued allows for some very positive effects on the shoe. The first is that the leather retains its durability, the construction allows for good insulation and breathes, the shoe remains flexible, and the shape of the shoe is better retained.

Shoes with a Goodyear welt, can be worn for many years as the soles on the shoes can be fairly easily replaced by stitching the new soles in place of the old. Welted shoes typically cost more than similar style Blake stitched shoes because of the additional process involved in the construction.

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