6+ Useful Features on Red Riding Hood Slot 2021

Red Riding Hood slot is a new game from Netent with no less than seven different features. After a series of slots about rock stars and rock bands, the game developer takes  a completely different approach: fairy tales.

The first slot in the series ‘Fairytale Legends’ is called Red Riding Hood – that is the English name of Little Red Riding Hood, of the Big Bad Wolf.

The first impression: a very nicely designed slot machine with an atmospheric soundtrack and a very varied game. There are no less than seven different features.

Red Riding Hood Slot Review

For the first time, its slot can be played with 20 paylines and a bet from $0.20 per spin. Kind of small, however, how does it actually work? Keep reading!. 

The images on the reels consist of five fairytale symbols, supplemented with the five symbols 10, J, Q, K and A. In addition, there is a blue treasure chest and Little Red Riding Hood himself also participates, as a wild symbol (joker).

There are seven features. Three of them fall completely randomly while you’re playing:

1. Fairy Magic Spin

A magic fairy conjures up 5 to 9 of the same symbols on the reels. Those symbols remain standing while you get a free spin.

2. Fairy Wild Spin

The same magic fairy conjures up 3 or 4 jokers on your screen, after which a free spin follows.

3. Fairy Surprise

The magic fairy repairs and conjures up the same symbols on your lock until you score at least one prize.

You get three other features when you spin three blue treasure chests on the reels. You click on one of the treasure chests and get one of the bonuses. 

4. Coin Win  

You immediately win 15x your bet. 

5. Free Spins

You win 10 free spins. If you turn a blue treasure chest again during the free spins, you will earn two extra free spins. That can increase in pace.

6. Beware The Wolf Bonus

This is the most beautiful and original feature. A beautiful animated board game starts and you will try to get Little Red Riding Hood to her grandmother’s house. A dice determines how many steps you can take at a time. 

Along the way, you’ll collect prizes. If you manage to reach grandma’s house, you win another 100 times your bet. If you encounter the Big Bad Wolf along the way, the feature is over.

Then, Red Riding Hood has another small feature reminiscent of jackpot slot Mega Fortune Dreams.

7. Sticky Wild Re-spin

If you spin two jokers or more, the jokers will stay in place, while you get a free re-spin.

In the end, the Red Riding Hood slot is a particularly beautiful, exciting and adventurous slot machine with a (fairytale) forest of features.

We were skeptical when Netent announced the series Fairytale Legends, but have had a lot of fun during the 1000 spins and think this slot is a very successful start to the version. 

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