How to Save Money With Coupons the Right Way

Everybody loves to save money, I know I do! And since this massive crazy recession started in late 2008, saving money has become more important than ever. One way to do it is to use coupons when purchasing groceries. But you need to use coupons the right way to take full advantage of the opportunities out there.

Since the recession started, we’ve seen a growing phenomenon in America… families are starting to eat more meals at home instead of eating out at restaurants. This is bad news for the restaurants, but good news for you because now coupons can go even further than ever before. Here’s what you need to know to take full advantage of coupon living…

First of all setup a system. Spend just a few minutes every week glancing through newspaper inserts and other places that are likely to have a lot of coupons seatgeek coupon . Cut out the coupons that you think you might use and put them in a shoebox or some other container. Once you’ve found all the coupons for the week, separate them out and group them by category. Next you want to mark all of these groups with their own id note card. You can be as specific or as general is you want in this labeling system.

Before you go to the store check your grocery list against the categorized labels of your coupons. Take out any coupons from any group you think you may be likely to use. Put the coupons in an envelope marked “unused”. Then as you shop and place items into your shopping cart, transfer the coupon for that item into a second envelope that you will mark as “used”. That way when you get to the counter to check out, you can simply hand the “used” envelope to the cashier. This will save you a lot of time, and the cashier a lot of time, and will be appreciated by the other people behind you in line.

Store up as many coupons as possible. You can find coupons from a wide variety of sources these days. Back in the day you could find coupons mostly in newspapers and on cartons and in containers of food you had purchased. These days that same thing applies, but you can also find great coupons right off the Internet that you can print out in your own home. Also keep a lookout in your junk mail that comes from the post office, as often you’ll find great coupons within.

Be sure to save any unused coupons. Take your unused coupons with you to the supermarket because many stores have a bin where you can dump your old coupons and other customers can use them. We’re all in this together after all!

Also think about joining a coupon exchange club. There are lots of these clubs available; some of them are quite large, and they all generally offer the same main service. This is how they usually work; when you join you fill out a specific form that indicates which products you use. From time to time members of the club will mail in coupons that they don’t need. When this happens, the club mails those coupons to you. Of course you will have to mail in your unused coupons as well.

Finally shop at coupon friendly stores and supermarkets. Some stores like coupons more than others, and you can usually tell which ones these are. Sometimes you can find a store that will give you double your coupons value while other stores may not want to honor your coupons at all and will only do so grudgingly.

Times are tough, and everyone is economizing. A good place to start is with your weekly grocery bill. Some families have actually cut their food bills in half by learning how to save money with Grocery Coupons.

How much can you save? Some people who devoted lots of time and energy to clipping and using coupons have saved thousands of dollars on their annual food bills. With the price of food rising all the time, this can be a major savings. Some people have saved as much as 80 percent on a grocery bill, depending on their use of Coupons.

If you’re going to start saving money using Grocery Coupons, but you’ve never done it before, then be aware of these facts.

Saving money using these coupons takes time. Most people take 20 minutes to an hour organizing coupons for a trip to the store. So basically you’re trading some of your time for the savings you’re getting. Don’t overlook this fact, because it means you’ll have to sacrifice something else.

People who use coupons most successful practice excellent organization and persistence. They’re systematic and resourceful about how they use grocery coupons. This style of household management nets coupon clippers at least 12 percent off their grocery bills and sometimes as much as a whopping 75 percent.

By the way, did you know that almost half – 47 percent – of the grocery coupons issued by manufacturers are for nonfood items like cleaning products? Now which would you rather use your coupons for – a gallon of milk to feed your kids or the latest super-duper stain remover? It pays to stay alert when using grocery coupons, because you want to use them for food.

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