How to Copy Wii Games the Easy Way

Why is it important to find out how to copy Wii games? The most critical reasons consist of money and the damageability of your games. I’ll be going into depth on that subject in this paper.

The most critical reason is that video games are expensive! If you shell out as much as $50 on a single game, you’d be devastated if it was misplaced or scratched. As an avid gamer, you’ve undoubtedly experienced this, and have had to face the prospect of dropping another $50 or more for another copy. When you look into how to copy Wii games, you will be protecting your bank account, so that you don’t have to constantly replace your games.

And you also should think about how¬†easily damaged¬†games can be. When I was coming of age, games were of the cartridge format, we didn’t have to stress about it. However on optical formats such as CDs or DVDs, it’s normally only a matter of months before games become scratched, cracked or F95zone otherwise destroyed. When we had cartridge style games, a person could let your little siblings mess around with the games and even step on them and the cartridges would be fine. But it wouldn’t even occur to you to do this with your Wii games, you know? They’re far too easily rendered worthless. This is another reason to make copies of your games that you’ve spent so much money on. When you make backups, then only use the burned discs when you’re “getting your game on”, you shouldn’t have to worry to such a degree, because the master game is put up in a safe place.

A final great reason that you should copy Wii discs is to protect them against loss. I have allowed my friends to borrow games more times than I can remember, and ended up having the so called friend not return it. Also, I’ve experienced the situation where games just end up MIA in my abode, and then they’re gone for good. Now that I’ve started manufacturing copies of discs, and stowing the master copy up for safe storage, I could care less if my friends ever return a game. As a matter of fact, I just burn a new disc to let them borrow!

So how does ISO copying software do what it does? I’m glad you asked! As you are probably aware, you cannot simply create a game disc the same way that you would create a music disc. If you’ve ever done this, you’ll understand that you’ll get an error message when you attempt to play this type of disc in a video game machine. This is a result of company’s encryption. It’s completely within the law for you to backup Wii discs for personal usage, under the auspices of Fair Use Act of 2010. However, that ruling doesn’t force the game manufacturers to make it easy.

So what you do is download specialized programs that gets past the code and follows that by burning the ISO in a way that your console is able to read. You unzip this software onto your PC or Mac, then put the game disc into your Windows or Mac PC’s CD or DVD drive. All it takes is 2 clicks, the game copier app rips the ISO to your hard drive, and follows that up by burning it to a brand new DVD. The process involves just shy of 15 minutes for each disc that you wish to rip, but you certainly understand that that’s a particularly small amount of time to wait to keep your games safe.

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