Miracles You May Find Hard To Believe

I want to share some miraculous things that happened to me recently. You’re going to find these hard to believe, but I assure you, they are all true. Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction.

It began in the morning as I walked through the parking lot between the gym where I parked my car and the Starbucks on the other side of the mall. As I stepped from between a row of cars, I glanced to my right and saw a car approaching about 30 feet away a course in miracles . I was already in the lane of traffic and the car was coming towards me. Instantly, the driver of the car stopped, waved for me to go ahead and smiled.

To my amazement, I made it to Starbucks and back to my car without being run over.

Okay. I know you’re skeptical that anything that miraculous could possibly happen. But it gets even stranger.

As I was driving home, I came to a 4-way stop at the exact moment as three cars at the other three corners a course in miracles text . No one moved because we were all signaling for one of the other drivers to go first. It took about 10 seconds for it all to get worked out. As hard as it may be for you to believe, all four of us made it through the intersection unscathed. I sipped my coffee and thanked my lucky stars. Whew! That was close.

Still later that day, I was walking my dog through a forest near my house. Many of my neighbors are hunters and have rifles and shotguns and handguns. I was wary, of course, yet not one of my neighbors came out of his house and used my dog and me for target practice.

And if that isn’t miraculous enough, that night, my wife and I went to see a movie, enjoyed it tremendously and returned home. No one yelled fire in the crowded theater or pulled out a gun and started shooting.

I’m afraid I may make you doubt my honesty if I tell you that events later in the week were just as stunning: The flight I took where not one fist fight broke out over space in the overhead bin; the fact that my car had not been stolen from the airport parking lot; the drive home where everyone, myself included, stopped when the lights turned red.

This story is absolutely true, and though it may seem like a coincidental stroke of unbelievable good luck to anyone who may have witnessed it (no-one did), I have lived with the memory of this incident for more than 25 years. I still get goose bumps every time I turn it over in my mind.

Now let’s see… it was a summer night in 1985, I had been out with my brother and his friends. Toward the late evening it became obvious that he and his bosom buddy were anxious to get somewhat closer to their female companions. If I was feeling like a fifth wheel earlier in the day, I definitely felt that way now! We were parked at a popular spot where there was plenty of saffron lighting due to the streetlamps burning at a fairly moderate strength. Rather romantic for those who had female company.

As midnight came and went, and the streets became quiet and devoid of all traffic, I became really uncomfortable for the obvious reason, being in a car with two couples who were becoming increasingly “frisky” for want of a better word. I decided to take a walk to the all night store located about 20 minutes walk away. Being young (19 years old) and reckless, in familiar territory and with fairly well lit streets I figured going for that walk to top up on cigarettes and something to eat posed virtually no danger at all. I was mistaken.

As I turned the first corner and entered a road perfectly named “Broad Road”, I had walked about 30 meters when a low guttural growl pricked up my ears. Behind the garden wall of one of the houses lining the roadside to my left, a large black dog was watching me with ever growing interest. A Panic washed over me which rivaled the heat of that humid summer night. However I was not going to make it worse by running. Instead I gently crossed the road in a diagonal path and continued walking at a steady pace toward the top of the road where the all night store was located, being careful not to increase my walking speed, with my ardent spectator still leering at me from behind his garden wall, still growling.

I reached the shop safely, bought my cigarettes and a few other small items, and was then contemplating my dilemma. Which way back?

After much thought(5 minutes), I decided that taking a detour through the side streets to get back posed more danger, since those streets were poorly lit, and it was past 1 am in the morning already. I decided to brave the inevitable and head back the same way, on the “safe” side of the street of course. As I approached the section of road in line with my new admirers’ house, he was on cue with his growling and I wondered why the hell he couldn’t just find something else to do, perhaps at the back of the property. But then everything changed, with a thunderous bark he cleared the garden wall in one long legged bound, and stood watching me in all his terrifying splendor. This was no ordinary dog, this was a horse disguised as a dog! There was no-one around, I was all alone, and this enormous, hungry looking, salivating canine was about to come for me, a scrawny, unfit, cigarette-smoking 19 year old. What were my chances?

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