Animal Inspired Jewellery: Fashion’s Hottest New Accessory!

Animals have always inspired fashion. Creatures such as leopards and snakes heavily influence clothing and accessories, not only because of their skin texture, but in terms of shape and colour too. Some of the largest fashion and jewellery houses have become iconic due to their use of animal inspired clothing and collections. Dolce and Gabbana, for example, are renown for their use of leopard print, adding a sensual and luxurious edge to their brand. One of the most famous jewellery brands Cartier have used leopard and panther designs continuously throughout the years, and many of the classic pieces of jewellery feature the infamous leopard emblem.

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Another famous jewellery brand Boucheron did a limited edition of fine animal jewellery buy gold in dubai ,which included elephants, monkeys and zebras adorned in emeralds and diamonds. These exquisite pieces may not be your typical finger adornment but they would certainly attract some attention!

You can take inspiration from these designers and get in on the ‘animal action’ by checking out some jewellery pieces on our website we have range of options to choose from whether its a cute rabbit ring, or some quirky ladybug earrings, you won’t run out of options.

The literal take on animal physicality adds a quirky, fun edge to any outfit. By adding a colourful bejewelled necklace to an outfit you can transition from day to night without having to change clothes. Whether you’re looking to add a cute and girly edge to your outfit through a pair of ladybug earrings, or a dark and mysterious edge through a wrap around snake ring, there are options for everyone. Animal jewellery can also add a personal touch to your outfit wearing an animal pendant may symbolise a pet at home or just a species you love. Giving animal themed jewellery as a gift is always a great idea too!

If you prefer a more subtle vibe, then you can opt for delicate pieces of jewellery such as feather earrings, or a feather pendant, which still resonate with this trend. Another option is to incorporate the gothic, ‘darker’ elements of the animal anatomy, which proves popular with brands such as All Saints, who are well known for embracing the skull composition of animals through print motifs and through their jewellery. To really accentuate this gothic look, layer different coloured metal necklaces over a printed motif t-shirt and throw on a leather jacket and jeans to finish the outfit!

The countless ceremonies and functions leading up to the wedding can be tough and exhausting on a young bride. The months leading up to the wedding are very crucial in prepping and buying everything you need for the biggest day of your life. Most brides get confused in selecting jewellery that match their outfits and end up purchasing something that they are probably going to dislike after a couple of months.

To make sure that you look your absolute best and love what you have bought even after a couple of years, go through several websites that sell jewellery online. Do your research on jewellery designs that suits your personality, before purchasing them. This is a convenient way to avoid the stress of visiting several stores without having a clear idea in mind. Look at three to four sets of designs that you can wear for the pre-ceremonies as well as the wedding day.

Many times, relatives and friends might force you into buying the traditional or orthodox type of jewellery that might not suit your style or character. In such cases, it is wise to approach a jewellery consultant. You can keep your loved ones happy by selecting traditional gold jewellery and at the same time define your character through the jewellery you buy.

If you are planning to go for a contemporary look, diamond jewellery is the best option for you. A diamond necklace or a pair of long chandelier earrings has the ability to add tons of sparkle to your outfit. Simple gold or platinum necklaces with intricate detailing and studded diamonds are a great option for a grand reception sari. A blend of diamonds and coloured gemstones is another way to brighten up your skin tone as well as your sari or lehenga. Rubies and emeralds are some of the most loved gemstone jewellery as they add depth and vibrancy to almost any attire. Invest in an elegant set of gold bangles with gorgeous gemstones embedded in them because they go with almost any outfit!

One of the most important points to remember is to pick out pieces that aren’t too heavy to wear. You need to remember that ‘comfort’ is the key to looking radiant and lovely on your big day. You should also keep in mind that the jewellery you are planning to buy for your wedding should sustain for long duration without breaking a sweat!

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