Save Some Cash and Your Back With an Ergonomic Seat Cushion

High-quality orthopedic furniture just isn’t a reality for everyone. Many people can’t afford the premium cost that these pieces of furniture command. Make no mistake, they are worth every penny; it’s just that in tough economic times a lot of people can’t fit a $500 chair into their budget. Fortunately rather than giving up on ergonomics altogether there is another option. Using an ergonomic seat cushion gives you many of the benefits associated with ergonomic furniture without the high costs.

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Understand from the standing desk for home office adjustable get-go, that these cushions are not the same as full on orthopedic furniture but they are a great “good enough” solution. This is especially true if you have to replace a lot of chairs. If you thought one piece of ergonomic furniture was expensive try outfitting a whole office! It’s just not an achievable reality for most businesses.

Ergonomic cushions work in much the same way that orthopedic chairs work; that is they relieve pressure on the back and reposition you to help support your spine. You will find that the design of these cushions will differ among manufacturers however they operate on much the same principle; reducing and preventing back pain while providing comfort.

The material from which an ergonomic seat cushion is constructed can make a big difference. Gel seat cushions provide minimal lift and maximum softness. For some people they may be a little too squishy and not provide enough support; however for others, especially those were not used to ergonomic furniture, they are often a good first option. Harder foam cushions will provide more lift and stronger support however some people consider them to be moderately uncomfortable due to their stiffness and rigidity. Really, what you

need to do is go to a furniture store or office supply store and test out different options to see which cushion works best for you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing; everyone’s anatomy is different and for your ergonomic cushion to be the most effective you need to make sure that the one you purchase works specifically with your body and bone structure to relieve pressure in all the right places and apply support exactly where needed.

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