How to Choose the Best Fish Food for Koi and Other Pond Fish

“A human being can survive just fine living on a diet of hamburgers and fast food.” If you believe this statement to be true and also happen to own a backyard Koi pond, chances are you also believe there is little difference between available fish foods on the market. “A cheap Koi food is the exact same food as the expensive brand with a different label.” This too is another comment often uttered by Koi keepers who choose the diet for their fish based solely on price. And while it is certainly understandable that a pond owner would want to save money, not all fish foods are the same. Below are some of the key factors every Koi keeper should consider when choosing a fish food for Koi and other pond fish.

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You would never go into a restaurant and eat whatever the waiter puts on your plate if you didn’t first know what it was. This same logic should be applied when selecting a diet for your Koi or other pond fish Bottled and jarred packaged goods. Different Koi food varieties are formulated for use during different types of the year. All-season food varieties, for example, contain minimal protein content and designed for fast digestion. Growth foods, on the other hand, contain high amounts of protein and are ideal for summer feeding.

Feeding a high growth fish food during the winter can result in serious health issues. As the water temperature drops, the Koi metabolism slows down. Growth foods cannot be easily digested and can literally begin to rot inside the Koi fish, resulting in illness and possible death. Catfish food is designed for short-term feeding of food fish only. These foods were not designed for long-term feeding, nor do they meet the unique nutritional requirements of Japanese Koi.

Many discount fish diets on the market contain fillers, such as corn, which are not highly digestible for Koi and other pond fish. This results in more fish waste being produced, which can cause more work for your pond filter and result in diminished water quality. Whenever possible, it is best to avoid fish foods containing fillers and other low quality ingredients. Many premium Koi food varieties on the market contain ingredients designed to mimic the natural diet of Koi, which are actually ornamental carp, in the wild.

Because many top tier Koi fish food offerings come with a hefty price tag, many pond owners commonly mix different foods together to help provide a healthy Koi diet while limiting the impact on their bottom line. This strategy is extremely popular for Koi keepers with a lot of fish to feed, especially those with larger Koi with equally large appetites. For mixed ponds, those including both Koi and goldfish, this feeding method can also provide a significant savings over feeding a premium quality food exclusively.

There are three parts, one is before you eat the need to reduce your physical stress feeling and let your mind change its focus to prepare to eat. Bring your mind focus and your emotions into preparing food and enjoying the possible tastes. To over come food addiction it aids a person emotionally if the table is fixed to eat and it looks nice for it set a mood for the food to bring the visual sense into play and tunes the mind for the food. It is about staging an event to bring in all the senses of eating and enjoyment into focus for the mind. The learning to stage even with food, setup emotions to the food and eating. So it is very important to create emotions to the act of staging the event with food for it create mood with the food that affects your senses to eat. The power of core/breathing keeps the mind and body connection during eating so over eating is lesson.

As you’re preparing your food the power of core/breathing comes into play to amplify your positive feeling with food by affecting change in your shoulder stress and energy flow feeling of delight in cooking and eating. The more emotionally positive feeling you send to the food as you are working with it the better the taste of the food is going to be.

During eating using the core/breathing is the most natural way to smell the food, relax the body as you’re eating and tasting the food. Between each bite of food take moment to relax the shoulders with the power of core/breathing to let the mind feel the experience of the food you just eaten. There are many ways to do core/breathing within cooking, eating and cleaning after wards. Once on the web site is just the beginning exercise development.

After taking your last bite, take an internal enjoyment of the food and your preparation of the food as an experience. To complete the dinning experience cleaning up after your self and making the area clean with smile and feeling the affect of having good food and eating it with enjoyment. Cleaning after your meal can be real enjoyment of what you created and for the most benefit cleaning should be done in silences so your mind has moment to relate to the food that was consumed. This is suggested to be played with not just done for its art to do it affectively. After cleaning up take a moment and see the work you have done and enjoyed doing. The affects of cleaning after yourself after eating is enhancement of the food you had if you create it as experience of enjoyment.

This is an introduction to thinking on how to change addiction using our spirit as a force that advances the idea of enjoyment between mind and body within persons emotional behavior with food. To over come addiction is not one dimensional but having three dimensions that interact together and how a person plays within themselves between the three dimensions, which are mind, body and spirit, and project joy within behavior of eating that will affect the experience of eating that is more creative and dynamic. Creating a emotional experience choice with the food you want to eat and eat requires a conscious mind within their behavior so they can feel the choices and then decide to eat or not and then what emotional connection they want to the food in their hand. To over come addiction, which is emotional behavior, there has to be mindful direction emotional development of joy that replaces the negative emotional affect of comfort food that affect stress and relaxes you. Joy within your behavior is very relaxing and its more dynamic for the person then addictive behavior but it has to be develop through changing your self. There are many ways to develop joy in your every day life and it start from the time you wake up and work with your spirit, which is core/breathing, which affects the stress and tension in muscles from sleeping. Creating a transition time from sleep to being awake and then use your spirit, core/breathing, to affect your physical strength during the day. Then create a transition from day time stress by releasing that energy so the muscles are relaxed as the eyes closed. Your mind is being connected to the body and the body is giving feeling to the mind so their is real strong connection and letting the mind to think.

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