How to Use Zone Cleaning to Clean Your Entire House

The idea of cleaning the whole house can seem overwhelming. There is no need to do all the work at once. Slow and steady wins the race. Break the house into zones and make the task more manageable.

A zone is just a way to break down the Y2mate house into smaller, more manageable pieces. Zones can be one or more room depending on their size and the amount of cleaning required. Try to keep the zones similar in size, physical and number of cleaning tasks in that area.

Once the zones are decided you can target each zone independently for cleaning. Create a cleaning list for each zone. Choose cleaning tasks that need to be completed periodically but not daily or weekly. Those tasks could be added to lists all on their own with other tasks that require that frequency.

Many of the tasks may be duplicated within each zone but don’t let that bother you. For example, dusting will need to be done in every room. Having a complete list of the tasks for each zone allows for targeted cleaning in that area without distraction from other zones.

Once the lists are complete, each zone is scheduled and repeated periodically to keep the house clean. Start with tackling one zone a week. List the scheduled zones on the calendar for easy reference. If you switch zones on Sunday simply mark down the name or number you have given to the zones on the calendar. For 5 zones, write zone 1 on the calendar for next Sunday, zone 2 for the Sunday after and so on.

Depending on how many cleaning items are on the zone list you can tackle one or more items each day to spread the work throughout the week. Doing a little each day makes the tasks simpler and less time consuming. Use commercial breaks during your favorite TV show to do a task on the list. The whole list will be complete in no time.

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