Youtube Marketing For Business owners

If you have heard of Youtube you will know it is a free online video storage site which lets you view Tech Magzine Pure video content for free. More and more business owners are slowly discovering how Youtube marketing is going to benefit their business.

Youtube was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen who were ex PayPal employees. While at PayPal they saw the power in simplifying a process and giving everyone a solution.

Because Youtube has grown and grown since 2005, you should really be using this in your marketing strategy Tech Magzine Pure. In just three months Youtube went from having zero visitors to over four million.

Today the number of visitors continues to grow. Did you know that the average Youtube user will spend between 15 and 25 minutes a day on the site?

Google bought Youtube for $1. 65 billion in 2006. You have the power of the world’s biggest search engine teaming up with the biggest online video site. This gives the business owner considerable Youtube marketing leverage.

In February 2011 Youtube had 490 million unique visitors each month from around the world. They accounted can you believe for around 92 billion page views each month. These are incredible figures. It is estimated that people spend around 2. 9 billion hours each month on Youtube.

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